Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Guide to Leading a Self-Organizing Change Process

I have facilitated 6-7 self-organizing change initiatives - mainly in medium-sized organizations, or groups within very large organizations ($25 - 250M). These projects have been highly successful. Here are the steps that I used:
1. Get strong support (license) from a key leader (COO, CEO, VP... ).
2. Pull together a cross-functional team of volunteers that want to make a difference.
3. Perform a current state assessment with this team.
4. Create a vision with this team.
5. Perform a gap analysis with this team.
6. Agree on key action steps to achieve the desired state with this team.
7. Launch time-bound projects for each key action step, with a person responsible to achieve the desired result.
8. Celebrate milestone (action step) successes.
9. Stay the course - have a senior executive sponsoring the overall program (supporting, not managing).
10. Ensure a senior executive is giving recognition, providing encouragement and communicating successes.

This 10-step process works!

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Lee Mazanec said...

If only we could ensure that every organization could follow this clearly defined approach to implementing sustainable change - the corporate world would be without fault. Keep up the words of inspiration... Lee