Tuesday, February 24, 2015

OCM Strategies Can be Brief and Effective Using ADKAR!

I was recently challenged by a client of mine to take a 31-page OCM strategy written by a Big 4 consulting firm and make it brief and understandable.  He indicated that the Big 4 strategy was way to verbose and theory-based.  He wanted my final document to be no more than 2 pages.  The client was convinced that this could be done and heard through the OCM grapevine that I had the capability to meet the challenge.

I started out by setting up a day's worth of meetings with key leaders and stakeholders.  After meeting with them, I found that many of them were familiar with Prosci's ADKAR Change Management Model  and felt as though individuals throughout the organization could relate to the methodology and that it would be embraced.  After a full 10-hour day of interviews with key leaders and stakeholders, I spent the next two days crafting an OCM Strategy.  I maintained close contact with the interviewees and asked several follow-up questions.  I finalized the document and circulated it to the leadership team for review and approval.  They loved it and immediately implemented the strategy!

The  final product was a no-frills Excel spreadsheet that was 2 pages in length.  Here is the spreadsheet format that I used:

  • Organizational Change Vision Statement - a brief vision statement at the top of the spreadsheet with 4-5 key desired outcome bullets.
  • Spreadsheet Headings: Item#, ADKAR Step, Action Step, Action Step Details, Accountable Resource(s), Target Date, Date Completed, Comments 
You might want to try this approach out - it works!  I have used it on 4 different initiaves and it has been very successful.

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